Aurora Borealis

Tuesday, December 19, 2006


JANUARY 1, 1965

Joseph Brodsky

The kings will lose your old address.
No star will flare up to impress.
The ear may yield, under duress,
to blizzards´ nagging roar.
The shadows falling off your back,
you´d snuff the candle, hit the sack,
for calendars more nights can pack
than there are candles for.

What is this? Sadness? Yes, perhaps.
A little tune that never stops.
One knows by heart its downs and ups.
May it be played on par
with things to come, with one´s eclipse,
as gratefulness of eyes and lips
for what occasionally keeps
them trained on something far.

And staring up where no cloud drifts
because your sock´s devoid of gifts
you´ll understand this thrift: it fits
your age; it´s not a slight.
It is too late for some breakthrough,
for miracles, for Santa´s crew.
And suddenly you´ll realize that you
yourself are a gift outright.